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          ABOUT US

          Yancheng Far East Chemicals Co., Ltd.is an excellent domestic manufacturer for solvent dyes in China. We enjoy advanced manufacturing processes, strict quality control and perfect research center, which are a strong guarantee for providing high-quality products to our customers.

          Our twp major serial solvent dyes are colorsoure and colorway, which enjoy complete spectrum, beautiful colors, bright color tone and reasonable price.Hence, our products have been well favored by our customers.

          The Colorway serial solvent dye can be widely applied to the dyeing of various plastics such as PS, AS, ABS, PMMA, PET, PBT, PC, RPVC etc.,as well as decoration materials, paints, printing inks, plastic colorant etc.Moreover, it can also be applied to the dyeing of the stock thickeners of polyester fiber, acrylic fiber, polyvinyl chloride fiber etc.

          Add : Ecology Chemical Industry Garden,Economic Development Zone,Funing,Jiangsu
          Code : 224400    
          Tel : +86-515-87883018
          Fax : +86-515-87883019     
          Email: sales@ycydchem.com            kselite6@hotmail.com 
          Url: http://www.ar2z.cn




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